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Say Goodbye To Dark Circles

by Akshata C
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The eyes are often the first area to show signs of ageing, particularly with dark circles and under-eye bags. These issues stem from various reasons. While lack of sleep can contribute to tired-looking eyes, there are deeper factors at play that affect the skin’s appearance.

Dark circles and under-eye bags are related problems but have distinct causes. Bags typically result from inflammation and swelling, sometimes due to herniated fat pads pushing outward. However, if puffiness isn’t a daily concern, lifestyle choices often play a bigger role than ageing. Conversely, persistent dark circles occur when blood vessels under the thinning skin become more visible.

Whether dealing with bags or dark circles, there are simple lifestyle changes and effective skincare products that can help restore a rejuvenated and refreshed look to the eyes. Here’s a guide on tackling these issues.


Dark circles have various causes. Genetics or insufficient sleep are common factors. Stress, sun exposure, allergies, and poor nutrition can also contribute. Dehydration and anemia might lead to dark circles too. However, proper care can help manage them effectively.


If dark circles persist, solutions are available. The Kaya Lighten And Smooth Under Eye Gel, containing Haloxyl actives, reduces under-eye circles. For aging-related concerns, the Kaya Brightening & Firming Eye Serum addresses puffiness and discoloration. This serum employs potent botanical extracts to firm the eye area effectively.

How to Get Rid of Bags Under Your Eyes

To reduce or eliminate bags under your eyes, follow these steps:

  1. Control Salt and Alcohol: Cut down on salty foods and alcohol to prevent fluid retention causing puffiness. Opt for fruits like oranges and veggies like carrots, which are anti-inflammatory.
  2. Elevate Your Head: Sleep on your back with your head raised to prevent fluid from gathering under the eyes, reducing morning puffiness.
  3. Stay Hydrated: Drink plenty of water (8 glasses a day) to keep skin and eyes hydrated, preventing a dehydrated look.
  4. Allergy Relief: Take an over-the-counter antihistamine for allergies, as they reduce inflammation and puffiness.
  5. Try Cold Tools: Cold objects like ice globes can decrease swelling and constrict blood vessels, reducing bags.
  6. Caffeine Eye Creams: Use eye creams with caffeine to improve circulation, reducing puffiness and dark circles. Caffeine also acts as an antioxidant.

Here are some of the best eye creams that are commonly recommended for targeting dark circles:

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