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Developed Form of Tennis Shoes – Sneakers

by Vibha S
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The term “sneakers” and “tennis shoes” are often used interchangeably to refer to a type of footwear designed for athletic and casual wear. The origin of these terms is rooted in the history and evolution of sports shoes.

“Sneakers”: The term “sneakers” comes from the fact that these shoes are designed to be quiet or stealthy when walking, as opposed to the loud clacking of hard-soled shoes. They were initially made with rubber soles, which allowed wearers to move silently, making them suitable for activities where quiet movement was essential, such as sneaking around.

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“Tennis Shoes”: The term “tennis shoes” specifically refers to shoes designed for playing tennis. These shoes have specific features like cushioning, support, and grip that are suitable for the movements and demands of playing tennis.

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History of Tennis Shoes

The first rubber-soled shoes were developed in the late 18th Century in England. They were called plimsolls and were a far cry from the tennis shoes we know today. For example, they were all the same, which meant that there was no specific right or left foot!

Despite their deficiencies, plimsolls were popular and spurred rapid development of improved models and new styles. In particular, people began to use them for recreational activities, such as playing tennis. The rubber soles did not mark up the tennis court, and they allowed players to stop and start quickly.

Sneakers for Kids

Children of the time also noticed that the rubber soles were very quiet. They allowed them to sneak around without being noticed. It wasn’t long before tennis shoes also became known as sneakers.

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